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ADF table – delete current row

This one had me up the wall for quite a bit of while…

I’ve been searching the web for all permutations of “ADF Delete button removes the wrong row” with no luck. But then I finally found the answer.

When a view object is dragged onto a page as a table and you then drag the Delete-operation in. You do not use the operations toolbar – for whatever reason.


Moving from svn to git

When working with JDeveloper you’ll have the option of use “Version Application” to drop everything into a Subversion repository.

BUT! … if you, like me, would rather use the command line for your version control stuff (and lots of other stuff). Then that … why not.

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JDeveloper project setup

On large project this setup will help separate things. Making it easier to develop parallel. Further it lightens the load on JDeveloper since you don’t need to have all workspaces open at the same time.

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WordPress: Comments are closed (???)

My wife has a blog as well. And she’s get comments on hers (not jealous, not me *sigh*).

Problem was all her post said “Comments closed”. It couldn’t be solved with setting any “Discussion” settings, turning off all plugins. Nothing helped. So she called the resident geek.

After some searching, head-scratching and a lot of speed-reading on a Google-search. I found this topic on WordPress Support.

For me the gems here a bit down the page. A few SQL’s to change comment status.

I’m dumping the here so I don’t forget them:

  • Globally enable comments for all users:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET comment_status = ‘open’;
  • Globally disable comments for all users:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET comment_status = ‘closed’;
  • Globally enable comments for registered users only:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET comment_status = ‘registered_only’;
  • Globally enable pingbacks/trackbacks for all users:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status = ‘open’;
  • Globally disable pingbacks/trackbacks for all users:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status = ‘closed’;

Hope you find them useful as well.

Oracle Software development

Great post from Tom Kyte

Tom Kyte’s blog is always worth the read. That goes for his books, article, … you get the picture.

Anyway this post is a bit different. Debugging stories … remember to read the linked story as well.

Tom Kyte – another debugging story


Site open for comments

I thought I was being clever…

I had added a plugin to WordPress – that should allow people to use their logins from other socials sites to login for commenting. But, but, but … when testing it wasn’t clear that this was possible.

So I’ve removed the plugin as well as the requirement to login to leave a comment.

Comments still need approval and Askimet is active as well.

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Adding EPEL to Oracle Linux

In an earlier post I wrote about how to install git from source.

I’ve found an easier way. Add the EPEL repository to YUM.

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Oracle JDeveloper 11.1.2 or

In Sten Vesterli’s post the question the question of whether one should go for JDev 11.1.2 or JDev (lastest R1).

Chris Muir answers this in the comments: 11.1.2 is for JSF 2.0 only. In 11.1.2 the bug-fixes will be back-ported from as this is the version Oracle is using for their Fusion Applications development effort.

Software development

Oracle database: schema versioning

When working on a project where the data model isn’t completely stable, you want to be able to run scripts changing one or more database schemas. But how do you make sure that all updates run successfully. And how do you avoid running the same update script twice one a schema.

One a project some years back I had the opportunity to work out a way to handle this.


Windows 8 wont support DVD playback out of the box

I was thinking of moving back to windows. Mostly because Mac OSX is a very bad platform for gaming and I was a bit tired of dual-booting.

But this news of DVD playback only at extra cost on Windows 8 got me thinking…