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JDeveloper project setup

On large project this setup will help separate things. Making it easier to develop parallel. Further it lightens the load on JDeveloper since you don’t need to have all workspaces open at the same time.

  • Master
    The master workspace containing the application project – which will create the war. And the MasterBuild project – which contains a build.xml that sequentially call all the other projects build the ADF Library Jars from them and collecting them into the MasterBuild/adflibs directory (all other projects have a dependency defined to one or more jars located here)
    The Master workspace also have a deployment profile at application level – which will be invoked from MasterBuild.
  • Use Case XX
    This is where the pages, workflows and so on are implemented. Expect several of the workspaces in the directory structure.
    Each workspace has at least two projects:
    • Model
    • View
      which will contain all pages and task-flows for the use case (usually just one task-flow).
    • TestApplication
      a project with an Application Module, used for testing the task flow(s) in the use case
  • CommonUI
    which contains the skin, page- and task-flow-templates used in the application
  • CommonModel
    • CommonModel
      all the entity objects are stored here.
    • Database
      The DDL and DML needed for the underlying database
  • CommonCode
    Framework extensions and utility code used throughout the application

For more information on this check out Sten Vesterli’s book “Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple”

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