Security measures for Dropbox, Google Drive & friends

There has been a lot of discussion about Cloud-based services and the likelihood of your data ending up in the hands of a number of national security related organisations.

Cloud-based services are a matter of trust. Just as any business transaction is a matter of trust. If you don’t trust a company – don’t do business with them. And even though a service is free – it’s still doing business.

But accidents happen. Your computer might get stolen or there might be a leak of some kind from the service provider. If your data is of a very personal nature – maybe some measures need to be taken to secure it?

Below are two articles on Drop Box and Google Drive resp. with some discussion about the security they have in place. And also some eyeopeners as to what the Terms you accepted when creating your account actually enable.

There’s also a mention of two very nice products:

Both products will encrypt your files.

What Viivo does it drop an encryption layer between you and your cloud-storage. So all files in your cloud are encrypted. Very nice!

TrueCrypt is a more general encryption product allowing you to encrypt just about anything file-based. I’ve used TrueCrypt for at very long time and will wholeheartedly endorse it. And though I haven’t tried Viivo yet it looks very promising. Definitely worth a look.

A big thank you to Marshall Honorof and Michael Kassner for writing the original articles.

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