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Finding a hosting solution which covers your needs can be a bit of a problem.

When I started looking some 8 years ago, most hosting providers would allow you to have a static page and (maybe) a limited ftp access.

I can’t remember how I found back then, but they gave me an offer that was too good to refuse. A full LAMP stack plus ssh access … for a few dollars a month! And that’s still the price.

Until now the only real problem I’ve had was when they needed to change his setup thus changing some DNS settings. And since Angryhosting wasn’t approved by DK Hostmaster (the danish top domain admin) I needed a DNS provider in Denmark – which meant … I had to change things to match the new setup.

BUT now Angryhosting is approved by DK Hostmaster and I can stop worrying and just enjoy 99.9% uptime.

I can highly recommend Angryhosting. Based on uptime, service, features and pricing.

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