Windows 8 wont support DVD playback out of the box

I was thinking of moving back to windows. Mostly because Mac OSX is a very bad platform for gaming and I was a bit tired of dual-booting.

But this news of DVD playback only at extra cost on Windows 8 got me thinking…

The news was posted on InfoWorld convinced me not to do that.

First of all the referred msdn post is doing it’s best to tell us how paying extra for Windows Media Center functionality is a good thing. Second, in one of the last lines of the post, it admits that WMC is the way to get DVD playback on Windows 8.

Now I ask: how many Windows users will not want to playback a movie DVD once in a while. Not to mention Blue Ray Discs….

Well, this information did it for me .. I will not be building a Windows PC. I’m staying on Mac. At least until Microsoft reconsiders (one can always hope …).

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