The virtual Java User Group (vJUG): Keeping up to date on the Java side

We all know Java is not “just” a language. Like all other major languages there is an eco-system consisting of utilities, frameworks and best practices surrounding the core language.

This eco-system is in a state of constant and rapid change (sometimes it even feels like chaos – given the speed of change) and this is a Good Thing. When a language and eco-system stops evolving – it tends to die.

For me the problem has always been: “How do I keep up”. One thing is putting in the effort to learn new “stuff”. Quite another is deciding and finding the new developments in the field.

Here The virtual Java User Group (vJUG) is a great source. A part from being run by some Good People, they also invite some Good People to give interesting Presentations. In vJUG that means a streamed event – with IRC interaction.

An when I say interesting .. I mean it. Here’s a short list of events just the past two months:

  • Value In Releationshows – How Graphs Make Databases Fun Again
  • So Why Would I Use a Distributed Database Like Cassandra?
  • State of the Art Data Access With Spring Data
  • DEVOXX UK Coverage (several streams)
  • Gradle: Hot Or Not
  • Java Byte Code In Practice

… and many more. Most presentations are about one hour of length and you can participate “From the comfort of Your Own Home”… so… what’s not to like here…

Membership is completely free. Sign-up on

See you online.

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