About me

Hello and welcome to my new site.

My name is Michael Willer (what a surprise, given the domain name).

First and foremost I’m a geek. I can’t stop tinkering with something IT related (i.e. when I’m not DM’ing D&D sessions or playing piano or whatever else I waste a lot of time doing).

I started my professional life as a programmer in 1987, programming Pascal, then C. Then Oracle 5 with Oracle Forms 2.0.

Later I discovered Java (version 1.1.6) and fell in love with the language. I know, that is not a popular position these days (every loves to find something wrong with Java) but I still prefer Java to many other languages.

I am well-versed in a number of Java modules/technologies such as the entire Java EE stack, Spring, Spring Boot and other Spring “friends”. As well as architectures from monolith over SOA to Micro Services.

As I started working as a consultant (first at Oracle, then other companies) I got into Continuous Integration, now better known as CI/CD.

I’m almost proud to claim I was fired from a developer job (not consulting) because I insisted on trying to bring CI to the company. I wasn’t happy when it happened of course, but in the end .. it was a good thing. The company got to CI (and even CI/CD) in the end, though. Roughly 6 years after I left…

CI/CD became “a thing” for me as a consultant. I tended to be the one setting up build scripts (ant, maven, later Gradle) and (later when CI/CD broke through) ensuring release candidates were produce and stored as well as managing deployment scripts and -permissions on the build server (Jenkins, Bamboo, …).

I kept up with Java though and added a few other languages to the mix such as Javascript and Typescript. As well as Terraform, Ansible, Bash, Helm, Docker and Kubernetes.

Standard disclaimer:

I’m currently employed as a Sales Engineer at EDB.

The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent positions, strategies or opinions of EDB.